Minimal Chaos

Minimal Chaos Vintage Salvaged Stocking No. 9

$28.95 $72
Handmade in Turkey, every stocking is crafted from salvaged vintage hand-knotted Persian rugs.
  • 100% wool front, cotton back
  • Approx. 18” long, 7” opening
  • One-of-a-Kind: Because each stocking is made from salvaged rug fragments, each one has a unique pattern formation. Using natural materials, Minimal Chaos Stockings are made to last, and be passed down from generation to generation. Due to their handmade nature, slight imperfection is to be expected. These are not considered flaws, rather what makes each one unique.

Pinecone Trading Co. is so honored to be carrying this line from Minimal Chaos. 

Dallas and Minimal Chaos Founder, Sarah, connected in early 2014 while studying at the same school, and working at the same retail shop! Sarah, a first generation Arab-American, founded Minimal Chaos after being inspired from her summers in Syria. While visiting the homeland of her family, she was intrigued by the markets, or souks (Arabic for market). Containing vast colors, prints, textures, and patterns that were boundlessly unique, Sarah was inspired to bring the souk back to the US, and we are grateful she did!

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All stockings are final sale

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