Melissa Cummings

The Littlest Barista


Join the Littlest Barista as he helps his Mama, Papa, and Grandma serve the finest coffee and pastries in town. This book teaches readers to slow down, take their time, and appreciate those around them.

Melissa Cummings is a local author based close to home (for us!) in South Jersey. With an affinity towards books and reading, she dreamed of writing a children's book one day and was inspired by her little boy, Evan. 

Her debut book The Littlest Barista was written out of sheer necessity. Not a single children's book could be found about coffee, until now. This is a must-have for coffee lover parents (+ littles) everywhere!

Illustrated by Ana Graca.

  • 26 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Published by Cummings Press LTD on 8/1/2021
  • ISBN: 978-1737616429
  • 8.5" x 0.25" x 8.5"

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