Our Founder

Pinecone Trading Co. is the by-product of a very determined dreamer, Dallas Taylor. In fact, the store name quite literally came from a dream. Dallas always had aspirations of owning her own shop, but it never felt feasible, or remotely close to something that could realistically happen. One night in July 2020, Dallas awoke from her sleep noting the store name immediately in her notes app. She knew great things were coming.

The Pinecone History

Founder and CEO, Dallas Taylor has always had an affinity to the arts and creative-minds. From the time she was 3 years old, Dallas took dance classes from a local studio. As she grew, she began to ask for more expansive lessons to build her repertoire, which eventually led to her attending a Performing Arts High School in Maryland. After she graduated, she found herself packing up the car, and moving to Philadelphia, PA to attend the University of the Arts for Dance, where she eventually dropped out….oops! It was here that she met James Taylor, a kind-hearted, guitar playing boy from Medford Lakes, NJ.

The rest is history.

"Now this may sound crazy, actually, I know it does. But this is the first time (possibly the second, but I think it was the first!) Jimmy brought me to visit his hometown of medford lakes, I told him I was going to open a store there. At that point in time in 2013, I didn't know what that store would be, but it was spoken into the universe. 7 years later, the year was 2020, and I think we all know what that means. I, along with many other people, began to question what was important and valuable to me. In 5 years, what did I want my life to look like? I told Jimmy about the Pinecone Trading CO. store name, and really left it at that (besides making sure I RAN to claim the social media handles and email!). It was Jimmy who really encouraged me to look into what steps I would need to make my dream a reality. Leveraging an expansive retail background, I hit the ground running." 

While Pinecone Trading Co., is 100% woman-owned, I couldn't leave this space without shouting out my husband, James Taylor, for being quite literally the greatest of all time. Jimmy is my cheerleader, best friend, and constant...i mean CONSTANT encourager. He makes me believe I can do big things, and PTCo wouldn't be here without his humor and hugs. 

Jimmy - you're fantastic and I love you. 



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